Compensate® SI v6.2 - Complete Workers' Compensation Claims Management
Reduces claims cost through the use of:

  • Customary and reasonable fee schedules
  • Monitoring of frequency of treatment

Records and tracks your injury and lost time claim data, providing reports as required for:

  • Internal Management
  • Departmental study and investigation
  • Various government agencies.

Features of Compensate® SI v6.2 Include:

  • Access your compensation information over the Internet or over the office intranet.
  • Customization available to conform to your claims management strategy.
  • Data conversion - support and claims management consultation services for one year are included.
  • In House Control of Workers' Compensation Claims and Payments saves time, increases accuracy, increases awareness, and best of all decreases costs.
  • Multiple Companies - Compensate software allows you to maintain multiple companies under one program, this is perfect for Third Party Administrators.
  • Multiple States - Compensate software is currently being used in multiple states so it fits large corporations.
  • User Friendly - Great Windows Interface with HTML driven on-line help.
  • Calculate Compensation Checks Based on the appropiate state Min/Max tables / compensation rules 
  • Establish Initial Reserves from Table of Values
  • Printout Cover Sheet for Hard Copy File
  • Prints Laser Checks or Vouchers
  • Review Running Reserve Balances for Each Claim
  • Integrated Document Storage and Retrieval
  • Fully Integrated with Microsoft Office E-Mail
  • All Reports in Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF) 
  • User Defined Form Letters
    • All Form Letters use Microsoft Word for easy claimant specific changes.
    • Create your own form letters for specific client requirements
  • Import and Export to other corporate systems.
    • Download Data Files to other departments for study
    • Export reports to Microsoft Excel for AD-HOC reporting and graphing
  • Access Data with Minimal Keystrokes
  • Access On-line Help and Look-Up Tables
  • CMS Medicare Reporting