Compensate Claim Portal

We consolidate all of your loss information and present it in a complete and comprehensive package with a web interface so you can all of your claims from your Workers' Compensation, Unemployment, Short and Long Term Disability and General Liability Claims exposure.

Why spend time combining different reports and struggling with trying to get reports in a timely fashion?  Our web reporting system makes it easy for you to get everything from the "Big Picture" to the "Nitty Gritty Detail" in a matter of minutes.


  • Risk Dashboard - See what has changed and your trends at a glance
  • Individual claim review
    • All claim notes
    • All payments
    • All scanned documents
  • On demand, Real Time reporting
    • Loss run reports
    • Claim trends w/ drill downs to discover your cost and injury drivers
    • Transaction reports - Check registers and Cost break downs
  • Subscription reporting - automatically send reports to all of your locations on what ever schedule you determine - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 1st of the Month, etc... 
  • Document storage access - access all of your claim documents on line and from the web
  • File first report of injury
  • OSHA reporting on demand - allow remote locations to print their OSHA 300 and OSHA 300a logs as needed, keep them always up to date.
  • Case nurse and legal notes can be entered remotely
  • MMSEA Section 111 mandatory reporting claims - track the reporting status of your Medicare claims and Medicare beneficiaries